Tatsuno Kojinyama Onsen, a famous hot spring in Shinshu Inaji.We are proud of various scenery and natural hot springs every season!

Countermeasures against Novel Coronavirus Disease

  • Countermeasures against Novel Coronavirus Disease

    ・Guests will be asked to measure the temperature at check-in.
    ・If you have a fever or a cold, we will take care of it according to the instructions of the health center.
    ・The number of people at the hot spring public bath restaurant is limited when it is crowded.
    ・3 We are working on close countermeasures.Thank you for your cooperation.
    ・Customers with a body temperature of 37 degrees or higher are not allowed to enter the store.(You can measure the temperature in this facility)
    ・Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection.(A disinfectant solution is installed in this facility.)
    ・Please wear the correct mask.

About accommodation subsidy

  • "Welcome to Tatsuno Accommodation Grant"

    Tatsuno Town, we will carry out a Welcome to Tatsuno Accommodation Grant

    ① If you live in Nagano prefecture, you will get a discount of 3,000 yen per person if you use Welcome to Tatsuno Accommodation Grant"plan
    (2) You can also use the accommodation discount business conducted in the country or prefecture.
    ③ Discount assistance The number of adults is 3,000 "planned".It will end as soon as the planned number of people is reached.
    ④ The discount period is from check-in on Sunday, April 17, 3rd year of Reiwa to check-out on Tuesday, February 1st, 4th year of Reiwa.
    ⑤ Please present the ID of all guests at check-in.

Takeaway lunch

  • I started to take out a packed lunch!

    ◆For ceremonial affairs, memorial dishes, and funeral catered meals
    ◆For face-to-face meetings, marriages, golden weddings, and children's celebrations
    ◆For corporate gatherings such as meetings and briefings
    ◆For banquets such as alumni associations and cherry blossom viewing

    Kaiseki lunch"Kojin":2,700 yen(Tax included)
    Additional cooking carp simmered:864 yen(Tax included)

    【Item book】
    sushi/Boiled food/Tempura/Two kinds of spicy sauce/Vinegar dish/pottery

    Tatsuno Town in will be delivery.
    *Please make a reservation at least one week in advance.
    *We accept from 5 pieces.

Autumn taste Matsutake mushroom plan

  • Matsutake mushroom plan sale!

    Matsutake mushroom plan sale!
    Luxuriously used matsutake mushrooms, the taste of autumn
    We offer matsutake kaiseki cuisine.
    This year, matsutake mushrooms are a good harvest,
    We have local matsutake mushrooms!
    Please go out to eat seasonal matsutake mushrooms!
  • BBQ plan additional menu

    Seafood prime(1 serving):1,500 yen
    Beef added(120g):750 yen
    Add pork(80g):500 yen
    Grilled rice balls(1 piece):200 yen
    cheese fondue:1,500 yen
    Frank(One):650 yen
    Assorted vegetables(2 servings):1,000 yen

    *All prices include tax.

For groups

  • For groups

    Not to mention banquets for small groups to groups
    Various parties and meetings, etc.
    We have prepared a venue that can be used in various situations.
    There are many sports facilities near the hotel
    It can also be used for training camps for students and working adults.

Hotel Facilities

  • Convention hall

    A convention hall that can accommodate up to 150 people.
    Conventions, important meetings, business talks, employee training, exhibitions, briefings, etc.
    It can be used as another business room.
  • Banquet Hall

    We have a rich Japanese and Western menu to suit various occasions such as kaiseki meals and standing meals.
    Please spend a relaxing time from the number of children to groups.
  • Lounge Forest

    Drinks are provided by self-service.
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2396-20 Higuchi, Tatsuno Town, Kamiina County, Nagano Prefecture

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10 minutes by car from the Ihoku IC Chuo Expressway
Free transfer from JR Tatsuno Station and Highway Bus Chuodo Tatsuno Stop (Reservation required)
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  • 【Charm 1】Kojinyama Onsen, a famous hot spring in Shinshu Inaji

    Izumi quality of Kojinyama Onsen in sodium hydrogen carbonate salt fountain, famous for beautiful skin and fatigue recovery effect is high Inaji hot spring.
    You can enjoy various views from the open-air bath to the four seasons.
    One-day hot springs are also available.
  • 【Charm 2】Rich nature

    The firefly town Tatsuno Town is a peaceful town that opened along Sanshu Kaido at the northern end of Ina, almost in the center of the Japanese archipelago.
    Blessed with a clear stream of the Tenryu Water System, it boasts abundant nature such as the famous Matsuo Gorge
  • 【Charm 3】Full sports facilities

    Kojinyama Park, where the hotel is built, is full of sports facilities such as tennis courts, baseball stadiums, athletics stadiums, gymnasiums, and Budokan

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.